About Apex Asset Management

Experienced Asset Management Team

Since 2000, Apex’s Asset Management Team has delivered extensive expertise in asset management, engineering, data analytics, safety, and site operations. The Team brings an average of 18 years in the energy  industry to the table.

The Asset Management Team is part of the greater Apex team consisting of 200 engineering, construction, legal, environmental, real estate, and finance professionals. This team has developed, procured, constructed and  financed over $10 billion in wind and solar since 1999. This depth and breadth of experience leverages Apex as an industry leader in Asset Management and Operations.


The Apex Asset Management Advantage

From  late-stage development and acquisition through construction and ongoing commercial operations, we take responsibility for the oversight, management, and optimization of projects, offering our Asset owners the ultimate peace of mind. 

  • We begin our work early on to ensure that the project is set up for success even before the blades start turning.
  • We ensure quality is in place during development and construction to prevent extra costs during operations.
  • Interjection of a long-term operational view early in the development/construction process creates a seamless transition and elegant ramp up to commercial operation.
  • Our  knowledgeable staff works to ensure proper execution of plant commissioning and performance testing during start-up assuring the highest performance at the onset of commercial operations.
  • With our advanced expertise in data analytics, we can specialize in optimizing assets to ensure maximum life.


Broad and Deep Asset Management and Operations-Specific Expertise

  • Remote Operations & Performance Monitoring
  • Asset Optimization
  • Data Analytics
  • Multi-year power performance analysis
  • Engineering, construction, and transmission competencies
  • Project operations and maintenance
  • Land management
  • Understanding of political, communal, and environmental landscape


 State of the Art Remote Operations Control Center

  • Apex’s Asset Management Team optimizes performance through monitoring, analytics and central controls that minimize facility downtime and maximize generation and revenues. Any irregularities in a facility’s operations alerts Apex’s team of inefficiencies which can be addressed from Apex’s ROCC (Remote Operations Control Center).
  • The ROCC, located in Charlottesville, VA, is continuously manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year by a team of highly skilled Operators who monitor and control the  managed  assets.
  • The ROCC is equipped with state-of-the-art multiple large format displays and multi-monitoring systems. The first-tier software and proprietary network topology allows the Operator full visibility and detailed access to each renewable energy asset.



Established Partnerships

  • Key local decision-makers, regulators, etc.                                                                     
  • Turbine vendors
  • Third party parts & services suppliers
  • PPA counterparties
  • ERCOT/Utility counterparties
  • Local legal counsel
  • Environmental consultants