Kingfisher Wind is a wind energy project planned for northern Canadian County and southern Kingfisher County. Located outside of all city and town boundaries, the project was built in rural, open, unincorporated portions of these counties, in areas where landowners wish to host turbines on their private property. The project offers economic development benefits to both Canadian and Kingfisher Counties and significantly enhance the budgets of several local school districts.

Economic Benefits for Canadian and Kingfisher Counties

Kingfisher Wind will create jobs and generate an entirely new source of long-term revenue for schools, governments, and landowners.

  • Estimated $1.5 million per year in new tax revenues for Canadian and Kingfisher Counties, local schools, and county services

  • Estimated $30.8 million in new tax revenues to local school districts, including $843,000 per year on average to Okarche School District and $326,000 per year on average to Cashion School District

  • $2 million per year in annual payments to local landowners, injecting millions of dollars in the local economy over the project's lifetime

  • 165 local jobs created for wind farm construction

  • 12 long-term, high-quality jobs created and maintained for project operation and maintenance

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